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16 April, 2019 By editor2
Embroidered quinceañera dresses are not the most customary, however, they are presented as a novel and very delicate alternative. You can find beautiful models embroidered with bell style, long with bright appliqués, with lace and wide skirts that will make the birthday girl feel like a fairy tale princess. The most prominent embroidered quinceañera dresses today are those with a subtle cut and a semi-discovered back. The embroidery motifs are mainly floral and the colours are usually intense in order to contrast and highlight the dress. Among the models of embroidered quinceañera dresses, you will also find the option of shorter skirts with delicate embroidery, for daytime celebrations or that can be alternated with long skirts, to allow the quinceañera greater mobility at the time of the party.
Picture Source: Pinterest

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